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Cross-Border Breeding Courier Considerations: Why it's better to ship semen during the week and other little-known nuances of courier companies that will help you get your package to you on time. - Tracey Patterson

It is important to know how the transportation of the semen will work, because there is a very narrow window of time between when the mare is deemed "ready", and when the semen must be collected, shipped, and arrive at your door. Typically, cooled semen is fertile for only 48 hours after collection. However, this is the average, and some may be longer or shorter than this time period. Therefore, the mare¹s ovulation must be predicted, and the semen ordered based on the stallion¹s breeding schedule and the requirements of the courier. To be successful, the semen must be in the mare "prior" to ovulating, or "no more" that six hours post-ovulation. Synthetic hormones can be used to help bring on ovulation and thus help with the timing of the shipment.

Once you know who is handling the process, and are aware of the costs involved, a courier/transport company must be decided upon. Federal Express has become a popular choice because it is faster than other couriers, and time is of the essence when shipping semen. Whatever courier company you decide on, consider the following points to keep your shipment safe, on-track and on-time.